DISCUSSIONS: 1 – (MAY 19) Can columnists be activists too?

Shree Paradkar                  Desmond Cole                   Rosie DiManno
Reprtrs=activists,YES    Reprtrs=activists, YES    Reprtrs=activists, NO

Should columnists report the news or become actively involved in it as activists?

The role of a reporter, a journalist or a columnist is a very public one, particularly if the writer is well known. The significance of this is that this person can influence the news, the community. The question is whether or not they should?

If they are on an “Opinion page,” I believe the writer can express their opinion but they should be reporting the facts first to give the opinion context. On the other hand, if the writer is elsewhere in the newspaper, then they are responsible for reporting the news, not trying to influence its outcome.

What do you think?



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