EDITORIAL: DEEP THROAT, in Canada now? Oh no.

Deep Throat was the source behind the 1972 Richard Nixon Watergate scandal. Who’s_Canada’s_“Deep_Throat” in the Trudeau ‘brown face’ scandal?

Carl Bernstein and Bob Woodward, respected journalists, were behind the Watergate newstory. Who’s behind the Canadian scandal?

Some considerations

Conservative Party
Pointing the finger at Andrew Scheer is obvious. After Ralph Goodale broke the news about Andrew Scheer’s 2005 view on same sex marriage, nearly 15 years ago, it is easy to jump to the conclusion that the Conservative Party was responsible for the ‘Trudeau Brown face’ story as retaliation. The Conservatives are the obvious first choice. One political bombshell deserves another.

As despicable, underhanded or base as the Liberal Party’s assault may have been, it is rather obvious, if not easy to understand that the Conservatives would have been looking for an opportunity to retaliate. The ‘Brown face’ revelation may have been the lowest of retaliations as it labels Trudeau a racist. He may have been, at that time 18 years ago. Though some may argue that Trudeau was not a racist but no one can say he was playing with a full deck or a mature one. A 29 year old man is an adult and in this case, a high school teacher who should have known better. To do this ‘brown face’ may be seen as the epitomy of stupidity.

Be all that as it may, he did it. It was a hurtful, racist thing to do and the Conservatives may have broke the story in retaliation for the Goodale blow. Possibly.

Another party which could be considered is the engineering firm, SNC-LAVALIN. The company was exposed as tainted and corrupt in its work around the world. Bribes, under the table payments…who knows what the extent of the corruption may or may not have been. This was a court case issue but it was broken into the news impacting seriously on SNC-Lavalin’s reputation and its profit line. Trudeau may have been viewed as being responsible for further debasing the SNC-Lavalin brand with his poor management of the Jody Rayould Wilson situation relating to the case.  Possibly a good reason to retaliate against Trudeau.

Envious individual(s)
Perhaps someone was seriously disguntled with Trudeau, was envious of him, his position, his popularity and his political charisma becoming much as that of his father’s. They discovered the yearbook photo and dreamed up the scheme which became the scandal damaging Trudeau’s image, reputation and his political stature. Possible, plausible.

Angry vindictive individual(s)
Could there be some one angry enough with Trudeau to seek revenge for something he did to them? Hence, a retaliation to damage his political reputation. Whoever the responsible party is, they are intelligent and has (have) political savy. There likely is no other story that could don the destructive dynamics of the ‘brown face’ one. Not SNC-Lavalin as we have seen, not the costumes on the India tour, not the poor vetting of the India tour members, not the ethical considerations behind the island holiday. This scandal story was well thought out, its impact carefully considered and its ramifications given serious thought. The responsible party(ies) were intelligent and had the political chutzpah to recognize the devastation and impact the revelation would have. Who could have descended to this level of scandal mongering? Could they have been members of parliament? Could they been members of the Liberal Party? Possibly?

The political leader who benefitted the most from this Trudeau scandal is Jagmeet Singh. He responded from the high road, not criticizing Trudeau, a possible justified criticism. Instead he described the impact of the scandal on racialized young people, how it caused pain and he empathized with all those who have suffered racist denigration such as this Trudeau act does. Bravo Jagmeet Singh!


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