10 things that just aren’t worth it….

10 things that just aren’t worth the energy and aggravation many of us give them.


  1. Forcing Your Help – You cannot force anyone to get help or to take the help you offer. Don’t bother helping people who do not want to be helped.
  2. Not Forgiving – The anger you keep around will only bring you down. It will not change the other person.
  3. Lost Relationships – If you feel no love, no connection and no happiness with your partner it may be time to let the relationship go. Some relationships are not worth saving.
  4. Road Rage – I mean, when was it ever worth your time to be mad at someone on the road? What has that ever done for you?
  5. Keeping Toxic People Around – No, they do not change. No, it will not be like before. No, you cannot help them out. Move on and find people that improve your life.
  6. Anger on Social Media – It’s interesting how many curse words are used online simply when people disagree with someone’s opinion.
  7. People Pleasing – No matter what you do the person will remain unhappy not because of what you did, but because their outside world is not what is causing them to be unhappy; it’s what’s going on inside.
  8. Obsessive TV watching – The immediate gratification you get right now is absolutely outclassed by what you could have done instead with that time. But you already know that looking back.
  9. Worrying over something that hasn’t happened yet – It rarely turns out the way you expect it to and if it does you couldn’t change it anyway, so why bother worrying about it before the moment comes to pass?
  10. Worrying over something that is already long passed – The situation is gone, it’s done, you can’t change it anymore. Let it go! Use your time for better things than fantasizing about what you would do differently; it only wastes your time in the moment.
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