PRODUCTIVITY: Text Blaze – an app whose value grows with use

TEXT BLAZE is an app that grows in value the more you use it. 

TEXT BLAZE is an app that provides you with keyboard shortcuts to repeated snippets of text, short or long ones. So rather than typing a phrase such as “Merry Christmas and Happy New Year” over and over in each email you send, you can substitute all that typing with just “/m” and the full snippet of text is typed for you. Use TB for your signature so you can type “Richard Szpin, Ph 905 509 8666, Email:, Website:” by typing “/r” only.

No more repeated typing of long phrases. You can even create form answers to send. Write the form letter, save the shortcut key you choose and presto, the next time you need that full letter’s text, you use your shortcut key and bingo…there it is, fully typed for you use.

How much does such an app cost? A few bucks for sure. No sireee! You can get this app for free. Yes, you read that correctly. A full usable version for free. Even if you just try it out a little, it is worth the effort.

For the free version, click —>  TEXT BLAZE DOWNLOAD
[Works in any Google based browser such as Chrome, Bravo, Edge, or Opera. Will not work in Firefox]

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