PICKERING: COUNCILLORS- nice perks if you can get ’em

Holding public office seems like a thankless job…and any perks attached to the position are questioned and scrutinized by the public like sharks swimming in blood-tainted waters.

Municipal councillors are offered ‘gifts,’ freebies by various sources, often with the claim that there are no strings attached. There’s no such thing anywhere, ‘no free lunches.’

Curious about Pickering council ‘gifting?’ The decision to receive is the councillor’s, along with the quantity to accept. The receipt various broadly from councillor to councillor but sources of these perks are less varied. The perks seem to come mostly from developers. This can be troubling for residents as only the naive can believe that a pair of Leaf tickets come with no strings attached.

To view a record of what Pickering council members have received is displayed in the following link. [This is public knowledge available as Disclosure Statements.]


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