CANADA DAY: Living in the best country in the world!

I am celebrating Canada Day full out, with the same passion as always. The Canadian flag flies in front of my home.

I owe Canada a lot: more than seventy-five years of safe, secure living; many opportunities to make a living and develop a career; being able to live wherever I wanted, in the city of my choice, in a home I was able to buy, and in the family life that I love.

I recognize life has not been as good for some in Canada and that even today, some struggle faced with endless social and economic difficulties. I believe our governments are doing the best they can to make life better for all our people.

Our history has malevolent times with undesirable people, inescapable factors in the development of any nation. However, we have political leaders who are dedicated to improving whatever they can. We still have national problems, economic and social ones, likely to torment us endlessly.

However, the good in our country outweighs the bad. I celebrate the good.

I am celebrating Canada Day. My Canadian flag is raised, with pride. Canada is the greatest country in the world and I am proud to be a Canadian. 

To paraphrase another notable leader, “Vive le Canada libre!”

Richard Szpin


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