PICKERING: Shaheen Butt (Councilor, Pickering)

Shaheen Butt

Ward 3 Councilor Butt is a people person, proven by his being elected as councilor after first getting the position by acclamation about five years ago. He mixes and mingles with people really well possessed with the gift of sociability.

Given those positive of facets of Butt as a councilor, there are some tinged aspects to the representative. As good as he seems in socializing with people, he leaves much behind in communicating anything about his constituency.

Ward 3 is the largest of Pickering municipal ridings in terms of geography. One can only guess that it has problems that a large property area would have but Councilor Butt has never dealt with these possible problems publically. He has never held a Town Hall. He has never published a newsletter. He has never posted a description of any sort on this community board. He simply leaves his electorate guessing what the issues in the Ward may be and how they are being addressed.

As affable and personable as he may be, criticisms of Councilor Butt’s responses to his voters seem justified. With the many means of keeping voters informed, Butt may be guilty of dropping the communication ball.


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