PICKERING: Dave Pickles, (Councilor, Pickering)

Dave Pickles

Dave Pickles is the other councilor representing Ward 3, geographically the largest of the Pickering municipal ridings.

Pickles is a veteran councilor being around for many years, and being reelected numerous times. The reason for his success may be that he steers away from controversy, from contentious issues. He is never in the council news for some heated topic.

He does keep his voters informed with comprehensive newsletters that cover the state of the union of Pickering as well as informing residents about important issues that are the current concern in the city and in his riding. Pickles has never done a Town Hall, maybe because he is a soft-spoken man who prefers working in a quiet, subdued way.

With a career in real estate before becoming a successful councilor, Pickles is very conscious of housing costs and property problems. A big concern in his riding is ‘added rental dwellings’ being built in backyards or even attached to existing homes. These increase problems for neighbourhoods by increasing vehicle-related problems, increasing the need for more and better residential services such as garbage collection, sewage disposal and such.

Because Councilor Pickles is so subdued and laidback with his public persona, the mistaken impression some might make is that he does little. It is an incorrect conclusion. Pickles is involved and actively engaged in council debates, gently inserting inciteful comments and discussion-advancing statements. A quietly effective councilor.

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