PICKERING: Mara Nagy (Councilor, Pickering)

Mara Nagy

The youngest member of the Pickering municipal council, Mara Nagy surprised many with her election campaign debut. She knocked on every door in Ward 2, sometimes twice, making herself a recognized face and known candidate. The hard work paid off.

Now, she is diligently learning the ropes of municipal council and doing a good job of it. She has co-hosted two Town Halls, both attended well and very valuable at presenting concerns of the local residents. She has not yet produced a newsletter for her constituents, although she does communicate news via messages in our monthly newsletter.

Nagy has steered away from heated issues making herself look like a councilor who is absorbing information while considering her decisions. She is cognizant of the issues of her ward, especially those relating to property taxes.

With a background as a teacher, Councilor Mara Nagy studies before she speaks, learns before making a statement. As a rookie councilor, she has steered clear of controversies and seems to have settled into a municipal role of learning the job and doing what is necessary.


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