PICKERING: Linda Cook, (Councilor, Pickering)

Linda Cook

The other councilor for Ward 2, Linda Cook is another rookie on the municipal council. With a background in business, her biggest concerns seem to be with taxes and housing costs.

She has co-hosted two very successful Town Halls, both of which have been done in an atmosphere of friendliness and care about constituents. Cook is critical of public dissemination of information underlining that its problem is that the public is not receiving enough information.

Cook is another councilor who steers away from controversy but develops her knowledge about her constituents and their chief concern by mixing and mingling with her residents at many local gatherings. She has attended public events engaging with attendees. As well, she does volunteer work with local community associations like the Lions Club where she was actively working during Pickering’s Easter Parade. She is sensitive and empathetic to the challenged community, families with autistic children as well as other challenges.

Councilor Cook has demonstrated that she brings her business experience and persona to the council table, assessing issues and responding to constituent concerns with concrete promises to follow up. She maintains good paths of communication with Town Halls as well as using community-managed newsletters. 

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