Travel is a Pandora’s box of delights and treasures !

As a frequent traveler, I have experienced many adventures, many great experiences and thankfully, very few mishaps, none of which has been more notable than simply a “good story.” However, it has made me appreciate what travelers experience on travelling anywhere and everywhere.

This section of my web site is dedicated to helping fellow travelers in their journeying. If I have the answer, I will send an email to anyone requesting help or advice; if I don’t, I will search it out for you as it is something I need to know too. So, contact me with your question by email to


Also, I invite fellow travelers to write me with descriptions, tips or advice based on their travels. I will post what I can in order to help out fellow travelers. Even send me a note as to where you have been or what kind of trip you took. Other readers will benefit from your information.

Check the category “NADIA’S TRAVEL DESK” for ongoing posts and travel information, anecdotes and reminiscences.

Bon voyage everyone !

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