Pictured on the right in the header is Zia Carla, one of Emma’s sisters. Carla and Emma’s other sister, zia Irma both live near Verona in Italy.

All three sisters still talk to each other by phone each week, usually on Sunday afternoons. They all recognize how age is challenging each of them, but none complains or laments the passing of time. Carla and Irma, both in their late 80’s, still live at home in the Italian countryside.


Zia Irma, is the middle of the 4 siblings. Up until just a couple of years ago, she was still caring for her 90+ year old husband, Angelo at home. He has passed away and she now lives in her own home on a large vineyard estate northeast of Verona.





Finally, Zio Lino, is the rooster among the hens. His line of work was unusual. He was a shoe salesman, but not as Canadian know the profession. Zio Lino had a huge trailer truck/van loaded with shoes, of different styles, sizes, colours and quality and he drove this huge van to different markets each week where he would set up shop and sell his footwear from the van. A travelling shoe boutique. Of course, Nadia always took advantage of what he had for sale, as the leather was Italian in quality, no more needs to be said there, and Lino only wanted his costs covered. A real deal!

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