DISCUSSIONS: Outcomes of Mar. 3 meeting

Outcomes of the Mar. 3 discussions…



  1. Populism – too dangerous to ignore
    The political doctrine promotes the idea that the common people are exploited by the privileged elite. It has given rise to extreme right hate mongering, racist, sexist, xenophobes who dominate politics from the USA to Europe. It is threatening Canada as evidenced by the news media and by campaign platforms of campaigning politicians. A major question asked if this is the right, what is on the left?
  2. Canadian press freedoms being eroded by fingerprinting and registration with the RCMP of journalists on Parliament Hill. Fear is the these freedom limitations will lead to more but revelation of journalist sources compulsory when crime or national security is at question.
  3. 24 Sussex Drive: renovate or rebuild completely?
    Rebuilding completely would clear the slate, start on a proper path and likely cost less.
  4. Border Crossings (asylum seekers):
    Federal govt seems vague as to objectives; Goodale plans to address question with US govt; places like Emerson definitely need federal govt attention; situation likely will resolve on its own with new US govt immigrant policies.
  5. TV watching is escapism reinforced by discussion group. Most popular shows are about news, current events and documentaries. Of regular shows, Big Bang Theory received very high ratings as a show which entertains with language and social commentary about professionals with static child sides to their personas.
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