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The temperature’s dropping, nights are cold, the Ex is almost done. Yup, summer’s over and the rains have stopped. But surely rains are followed by…. [ bite your tongue! ]

September newsletter

Serving you better

Courses and services
The city’s FALL Leisure and Services guide is available on the city website at

Two notable technology courses:
1. Computers for beginners
2. MS WORD and MS EXCEL Computers.
The courses are presented in an easy to understand and relaxed atmosphere.

Seniors disability snow removal
Seniors with disabilities can get snow cleaning assistance from the City. Application form information is available from ( )

Wed. Sept. 27 “Aging Well Together” event
A major event relating to Pickering residents 55+ is being held at the Pickering Recreational Centre at 9:30 am – 2:30 pm on Sept. 27. A free lunch will be provided. If you are a Pickering resident, 55 or older, come to this event to learn about the special services, courses and community associations available to you in Pickering.


President Turnip updates:

Insane or just plain stupid?
Some authoritative people are now claiming he is crazy. Do they really mean simply stupid? Mental health experts from Yale University claim the President was “paranoid and delusional” and feel it is their “ethical responsibility” to warn the American public about the “dangers” Mr Trump’s psychological state poses to the country. What does it mean?

Who’s next?
Sebastian Gorka, the counterterrorism advisor to the Whitehouse and sidekick of Steve Bannon, was ‘fired’ late in August. Trump never stops. Jeff Sessions, do you hear footsteps yet? And General Kelly, newly appointed Whitehouse Chief of Staff, we have not heard a word from you? Playing it cool or remaining aloof so the media cannot label him as anti-Turnip should he criticize the boss?

‘Newsdump’ media strategy
Turnip thinks if he dumps enough news on the media, they will be distracted from a focus on his family’s Russian collusion. The new news policy, the ‘newsdump’ goes like this: announce as many things as possible simultaneously, appear at as many events as possible, make White House appointment changes, get involved in as many news events as possible, all in order to deflect attention from the Russian collusion story.

Here is the list of Prez Turnip related ‘newsdumps’ all in one week:

1) Hurricane Harvey
2) Charlottesville demonstrators announcement
3) fire counter terrorism advisor Sebastian Gorka
4) threatens to pull out of NAFTA
5) threaten to shut down of US govt if they do not finance building of the Mexican wall
5) pardoning convicted former Arizona sheriff Joe Arpaio
6) TV broadcast to announce new military policies relating to Afghanistan, North Korea, and China
7) banning transgenders from serving in the US military
8) announce sanctions rather than military action against Venezuela.

This man may be mentally off kilter, but he’s likely not crazy.

By the way, have you heard anything about or from Kelly Anne Conway lately?


This application so good, I cannot stop writing about it. If you like post-it notes, you will absolutely love NOTEZILLA, an electronic post-it notes application that works across all your devices. Try it for free by downloading it: DOWNLOAD LINK

Search Everything
Here’s an app for all us whose memory banks are not as strong as they used to be. It will find anything you search for on your computer and find it fast. Click on the “Download Installer” box and the creators of the program will take care of the rest for you. Click Download Installer box on the site


Shell Oil Alert
Shell Oil has been alerting people to the danger of refuelling while one’s cell phone is active or worse still, being used at the same time. You’re at risk of being in a fatal explosion. Read more at SHELL ALERT


British Columbia Fire Relief
You can donate to the Red Cross relief fund and help your fellow Canadians in British Columbia. The Red Cross donation link is: BC FIRE RELIEF Donation


Book News
Bestseller lists are misleading. Get the best suggestions for what to read from local Pickering residents. Check out book suggestions from Suzanne, Sabrina and Richard, members of the Petticoat Creek Library Book Club: BOOK SUGGESTIONS

We welcome your feedback on the newsletter or the website. Your opinion can be very helpful.


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