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This conflict can be terminated.

I too find this conflict upsetting and distasteful. However, it was all started by past president chuck simmons and I will not yield to the bullying, lies and deceitful allegations to which I am now being subjected.

If the executive committee wishes to see an end to this bedlam which you have orchestrated, you can. You decide.

I am not being combative, nor obstreperous. I simply want answers. I want to know why this has all happened. I want to know what I did wrong that was so wrong that it warranted my removal from my position as Activities Coordinator and expulsion for PROBUS PICKERING. I want it publicly explained to me. I saw myself as working for the good of the club, but somehow the executive, either of its own mentality or by its persuaded one, has found me guilty. Guilty without a trial, without a hearing, without an explanation, without a hearing from the complainants. Well, until this is publicly clarified for me, I will not cease my defense of my name and my reputation.

However, I am a reasonable man and so I will cease my efforts at restoring my good my name and professional reputation only when the two occur:

  1. I receive a written letter of apology from chuck simmons;

    Here is the story which he will not tell you:
    I asked his wife, newsletter editor, to correct misleading information regarding the Tech Club in the newsletter. She refused and when I asked him to intervene explaining how the information was misleading and outright wrong, he became vindictive and decided to use his positional power to remove me from the executive committee, and ultimately from PROBUS PICKERING CLUB.

    He or the committee continue to insist that I rejected offers to attend a resolution meeting. That is misleading. I informed chuck simmons that I would be out of Canada from Sept 21 to Oct. 1st. He scheduled a meeting for Sept 24th knowing full well I could not attend it.

  2. I receive an offer of restoration of my former exec position and my membership to PROBUS PICKERING:

    Justify the numerous allegations made against me in public and permit me to respond. But weigh what you say with care…for example, saying that I was offered a resolution meeting before is fundamentally true, but far from honest and fair. What was really offered was a meeting with simmons and frank green to discuss complaints made by other executives against me. I refused to meet in such a manner unless the complainants against me were included. My suggestion was not only rejected but worse, I am being accused of refusing to meet when a meeting was offered. This is outlandish hogwash.

    Another notable example of twisting the truth, to say I misrepresented the club with the community associations; I have no idea what that is about. I have never dealt with any community group or association representing myself as anything other than Social Activities Coordinator. I have never implied or suggested that I was acting in any other capacity than Activities coordinator.

    For me to try to go on with other examples of what I guess are the issues, is an exercise in futility as I don’t know the “charges” against me. Instead, hold a fair hearing. Act out of justice, not out of anger and vindictiveness. Let the complainants explain what I did wrong and explain how it was wrong and let it be publicly voiced.

Then the executive committee’s next step was to revoke my membership in the club based on the disruptive meeting of late October where I was trying to simply explain my side of the story to the membership. Here’s how the executive committee reacted:
____past president Green unplugged the mike while I was trying to address the membership;
____then, another executive member decided to call the police to have me taken away.

What were they so afraid of? What could I have said that the members could not have evaluated for themselves and decided whether to accept or reject for themselves? But once again, the executive thinking that their perception of what is right is the only correct one, decided the general membership were not to be allowed to hear me or judge for themselves. Instead, I was gagged, worse, I have been ejected so that I never get the opportunity to defend my name and reputation.

Well, the exec committee has decided to shelve me on this shelf of injustice and unfairness.

Be notified that my conflict is with the executive committee not the general membership of PROBUS PICKERING. I will continue defending myself against the wrongful allegations made by the executive committee, today, tomorrow, next month, and even longer if need be. I will cease all this only when either I receive the written letter of apology along with appropriate restitution of my previous positions.

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