ARCHIVES: * * 07 * * PROBUS PICKERING misses media boat again

About a year ago, in my trial capacity as “Club development” officer, I contacted the CITY OF PICKERING about getting PROBUS PICKERING Club into the City of Pickering’s magazine. Bureaucratic red tape is slow like trudging through sludge. When I learned there was a $250 fee for publishing an “ad,” I pushed all the appropriate buttons to get a freebie for SENIORS. The City of Pickering relented and made us an offer of a $250 grant to offset out costs. I chose not to take on the role of “Club development” officer as I foresaw the many pitfalls and obstacles I would encounter with the executive committee. I was correct in my foresight. chuck simmons undertook the project and here it sits.

However,  other SENIORS clubs are in the WINTER EDITION of the City of Pickering magazine but perhaps the executive committee has another goal other than development of the club’s size. Maybe size does matter!

2015-11-29_13h06_02  2015-11-29_13h07_42

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