Some members are calling me “rude” for what I write in my defence against the members of the executive who have elected to do me in.

I defend myself still and will continue to do so until I get a written apology from the executive members who held a secret meeting to remove me from my executive position and my general membership. I am not looking for any kind of restitution. Any club which has had my honest, dedicated work for more than two years and as repayment chooses to throw me out, doesn’t deserve me.

I have used the word LIARS elsewhere and I will use it again. Anyone accusing me of unprofessional conduct, conduct which was illicit or contrary to the welfare and positive promotion of the PROBUS CLUB is labeled correctly. For two years, I worked diligently at promotion and development of this club. I helped launch numerous clubs and supported and nurtured their development ceaselessly. I promoted and supported the club publically in every possible way I could: writing about it, posting photos which I took with my own equipment, on my own time, publishing promotional material on my web site at my own expense. I opened doors to seniors residences such as Viva and to the general public through the Tech Club. I developed contacts with the City of Pickering. I organized and managed CPR training for dozens of members. I stepped in to do the newsletter when asked. I dealt with every club convenor personally giving each one any and all the assistance I could to help them with the development of their club. I urged the creation of a club web site almost 3 years ago. I found a web site creator and manager after the numerous attempts by other club executive came to naught. I created and made available logos and club symbols to each of the club executives to use in their own promotions. I gave technological assistance to anyone and everyone who asked, from the past president and his spouse to other executives and to club members in general through the Technology Club, a successful and going concern which has taught and assisted more than fifty members and even opened its doors to the general public so that Probus Pickering would get more public exposure and promotion.

The list goes on and on…but what did I get in return. Outright rejection and revocation of my membership. If my criticism of the gratitude I received for my efforts is seen as being “rude,” then, so be it. I will continue being rude.

My frustration and irritation is not with the members of PROBUS PICKERING, nor with all the members of the executive. I am frustrated and irritated with the individuals who have acted unprofessionally and unethically. How fortunate that PROBUS lacks a Code of Conduct for its executives. But the ones with integrity, with ethical values either stayed away from the secret meeting or have chosen to resign. The past treasurer, a bank executive, once told me her reputation and image were tremendously valuable to her. I see she has resigned from this executive.  And as I try to defend my reputation and my image developed over 35 years in education from classroom teacher to central board executive, I am labeled as being “rude.” Well, rude it will be until I choose to stop or I am given a written apology.

As for you people who are labeling me rude and thus losing respect for me, try walking a mile in my shoes. Ask yourself what you would do in this situation. Would you just let your name, your reputation, your professional identity be besmirched and walk away. I won’t. At least not at this time.

A final thought…I am surprised that given all I have done for the club publically, only two people stepped up and gave me public support so I could say something at a meeting. And then an executive called the police. Amazing!!! As a family member says, why not just stop? I won’t stop because I am being honest and truthful in my battle against lies and deceit. It would be gratifying to see others considering my side as fully as they do the other side!

Be reminded as to how this executive deals with me….here is the kind of respect I receive at the hands of this executive…are you one of their kind??



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  1. Member says:

    I’ve read the letters you were sent on your site. Seems there was nothing “secret” about it. You seem to be the one that lies. You’ve lost all credibility.

    • admin says:

      I had decided I would not post anonymous comments, but then narrow minded people would criticize me for being a censor. So I will publish this anonymous comment because it is as weak as the courage of the writer to identify themselves. Why are you hiding?

      To reply to your comment…”secret” was a poor choice of words if I used it about the meeting the execs had about me. But when one is in a battle against a half dozen bullying team members against one person, it is taxing and demanding to try to keep up the diligence all the time. I dont care if I dont have any credibility with you mr/ms anonymous. That is #1.

      #2 my ejection as executive was based on the following claims which I will rebut one by one…but do remember, I was excluded from the meeting by simmons arranging it for 2 days after I left Canada, thus ensuring that I could not attend. And don’t give me that line of baloney that I chose not to attend based on my frustration based comment that I didn’t have a chance based even if I did attend as simmons held the power of position, not the power of justice.

      In any case…my dismissal letter based itself on these items:

      1. disruptive behavior at Management Team meetings:
      > Based on what? Other executives demanded my photographic production with no consideration of my time, my energy, my costs….but demanded that I send photos to someone when I explained the pictures were readily available on my web site for free.
      > When I needed email addresses that were accurate and correct as activities coordinator…I was SHOUTED at with “YOU’RE WRONG!” I didnt yell, I didnt fight. I merely underlined that I would do the work of correcting email addresses on my own as I needed correct ones for club promotion. Guess I was wrong in trying to do honest work…but simmons will now claim I am being sarcastic or that I was doing the work that was in some one else’s bailiwick. Well, that executive asserted that they were not willing to do all that work as it was not necessary or needed. It was needed in my area of responsibility but saying would fall on deaf ears when the minds are already made up.

      2. accusatory and criticizing emails:
      > I dont even know what that means….and never will as I was excluded from hearing any explanation; excluded from hearing the complainants; and prevented from apologizing if I overstated my thinking. But again, let’s just gag szpin as he has no recourse by which he can defend himself. We’ve got him over a barrel…and right they are…except I can vent my frustration here. And do note that I disinvite people from delving into this battle. In fact, I keep removing it from being front and center…but one does slip occasionally when one is working alone. In any case, the court of public opinion will be swayed by the likes of….you fill in the blanks as you know who the clique is and the spidery web they entangle others in. The chances of one person waging a successful battle against a multitude are very slim but I have never shirked defense of truth against injustice. Maybe I will someday when I get old and tired and just want relax and pass on stupid office politics like this. But I am not old yet, at last not mentally…so onward mr/ms anonymous.

      3. self-appointment as official club spokesperson with city officials and other community agencies:
      >To quote simmons…that is utter BS. I have stated this before and I repeat it now. I never ever misrepresented myself to anyone. In fact, I will post one of my business cards so you can read exactly what I labeled myself as being. It may be inconvenient for you to go look at the post…too bad. BTW, the cards were at my expense and I was criticized for having them. When I explained that I dealt with many people and always promoted PROBUS PICKERING but would always be asked for my name, phone number, etc…information normally put on to a BUSINESS CARD. But when you aren’t dealing with professionals, acting professionally would seem alien to them. And talk about embarrassing, in a meeting with a ‘real’ professional who asked for our biz cards, one of the executive members tore a piece of paper and wrote out info and passed it across. Like I was going to do that in public as a representative of a professional retirees group…not a chance.

      4. reluctance to consider respectfully the comments and opinions of others:
      >That’s a two way street. And I explained to simmons in a one on one meeting that his job was to mediate, conciliate and find common grounds. He said he would address the people who we were talking about, one in fact promoting a business in email communications. But of course, he will deny ever saying such things…calling my words more BS. He forgets his days as a negotiator and mediator. Of course his memory lapses when he has a wife who verbally kicks butt out of anyone who disagrees with her. When I pointed out the errors and misinformation in the newsletter regarding the Tech Club…there seemed to be a lot of reluctance to consider respectfully my comments and my opinions. Instead, I was not only kicked out of the executive by her HUSBAND but soon after got ejected from the club. Not one single executive member called me to talk to me personally. And dont go giving me more BS that simmons and/or green wanted to meet with me months earlier…that was pure BS. I said if we were to meet to smooth out executive communication, then ALL MEMBERS OF THE EXEC should attend…and I would gladly attend that kind of meeting. I never heard from them again.

      So mr/ms anonymous dont give me the same kind of vague, one sided generalities upon which the bullies have acted in the first place unless you are one of them and if you are, I feel for you. I can understand you being afraid of what people might think of you. If you feel you are telling the truth, state your facts, support it with evidence but dont go labeling me as a liar when I did not lie…and any “disruptions” of which I was a part were TWO SIDED…I was merely mirroring what was thrown at me. Too bad the meetings werent taped…dont go throwing minutes at me…I worked with professionals and I am not going to go into commenting about objective and comprehensive minute taking.

      Now, I have just spent 20 minutes of my time to answer you without a mask of anonymity, with FACTS not based on generalities or sweeping generalizations as made by the gang of bullies.

      Why did I choose to waste time responding to you…because there still are some honest people out there who want to know the truth and would like to see this whole imbroglio over and done with. I am one of them also but I wont rest until I get a written letter of apology or until I am sick and disgusted with the cliquish boors who erroneously call themselves professionals. But they have dug themselves such a hole, they will never dig their way back out. They aren’t big enough or have the integrity to admit when they made a mistake. Instead they will dig deeper like moles of malevolence and vindictiveness, painting me as the liar and the mudslinger. So be it. I am not sure that I am big enough now to sit down with them for a hearing anyway…too much water under the bridge and besides any such meeting would definitely have at least one liar sitting at the table. There would be little to gain now…but I spent all my life developing my reputation and my name and I will defend them with all my energy and strength against lies and deceit. Bring it on !

      Dont send me any more anonymous comments…you want them posted…put your name down. I wont judge you any less cowardly than I do now. In fact, I think I would hold you in higher regard if you did identify yourself.

      PS I will continue to urge retirees thinking of joining PROBUS to give serious reconsideration of the PICKERING branch until whole executive has changed…but I am predicting a lot of musical chairs…besides the title of “past” is so useful and powerful. It really should be changed to “passed.”

      Have a health and prosperous new year!