Memories of spring

Spring, the season we all await so eagerly as we are tired of winter’s figidity and grey. Listen now, late each morning, the birds are returning and the warmth is upon us again….

Erma captures spring’s spirit poetically….


On the first day of Spring, I heard a chirping sound.
Looking in the trees, there were cardinals in drove.
Smiling as I should, I remember its Spring Time again.
How will the earth respond, as birds sing aloud?

Needing no other reason, to make this day the best one.
The sun is still asleep, while the birds of Spring awaken.
They’re singing songs of praise, and now I cannot wait
To see what nature has in store, as a benefit for me.

Sing sweet cardinals, sing your happy song!
Flap your wings in my tree, it’s melody of joy.
Display your pretty color, as you nestle in the branches.
Spring gives you freedom, and now the wait is over.

When birds and nature gather, they give meaning to life.
I love the message of Spring-time, so I can share the joy.
Because Spring is to life, and winter say rejuvenate.
Oh I love the mystery, that every season brings!

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