ERMA's desk...: Happy Birthday Canada !

A tribute to Canada on its sesquicentennial birthday…150 years of growing and becoming great.




The birth and life of a red and white nation, under one God she stands.
How will this nation, build a foundation, remaining proud and dignified?
She forges ahead with her great plans, but what will history say of her?
Can this great nation, a friend of many, prosper as she stands under God?

Some debts to pay, few enemies and sincere friends, across the world.
The lighthouse welcomes us and says, come anchor here, and make a home.
Please stay awhile, and share her fame, because she calls you friend.
For red and white, invites no fight, but love and peace she symbolize.

Oh native land, with many hands, across the seas from near and far
They found in her, the victory, in this the promise land, our Canada.
Where families share in her stability, knowing that they belong.
They have found in her, a national collage, displaying every nation.

She did not fade, but stayed on course, in winter storms she still stays calm.
She proudly donned her vibrant colours, and personalizes every season,
A winner then, in her own stead, she shares her bread, with generosity.
She meets the needs, of those she greets, as her heart dispenses love.

And now we pause because she has earned, the honour of being colour blind.
One hundred plus, fifty years, she is still quite young but accomplished much.
Let’s cut the ribbon, and start again because history says she’s here to stay,
No fading clouds but a rising sun, as she stands tall, under one God, our Canada!

Thank you,
Merci Canada

Tribute to Canada’s 150 years.

Erma Washington

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