2 – (Mar 17) Canadian Judicial system needs overhaul

Judge problems:
Judges who tell defendants in sexual offense cases, that they should learn to keep their knees together; other judges acquitting males accused of raping an inebriated female claiming that she gave consent to sexual relations.

Trial problems:
In Ontario, a whole batch of cases were thrown out by the courts because the cases have been sitting for far too long. Meanwhile the crime has been committed, the criminal had been charged, but justice has not been done.

Trial redoes
A man gets accused of murder and gets convicted. The case must be retried. Perhaps an acquittal, perhaps a missed ‘t’ or ‘i’ in the previous trial procedure. Are judges evaluated? Should they be?

Double dipping
Lawyers already are astonishingly expensive. But some commercialized legal firms have been found to be double dipping, paid once by the client, even designated a certain percentage of the settlement but they come back at the client asking for a greater slice of the remuneration pie. Who reviews the fees lawyers charge? Are there any guidelines for lawyer fees? Any maximums, minimums?

Technology eliminating lawyers
Computer software is being refined to be able to adjudicate cases without human beings being involved in any step whatsoever. Can Solomon be replaced by a computer? Computers are already being used to search precedents and torts with a greater than 97% ¬†accuracy rate. Lawyers can’t be far behind.


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