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  Murder in the White House by Margaret Truman In a town where the weapon of choice is usually a well-aimed rumor, the strangling of Secretary of State Lansard Blaine in the Lincoln Bedroom is a gruesome first. White House … Continue reading

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This book is a tribute to one mom, but it can be read as a tribute to all moms. Read it a sunny, bright day or a rainy, cloudy grey day, no matter when for it evokes melancholy and sadness … Continue reading

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RAVES & RANTS: CUBA: a listener/viewer’s paradise!

I started this post by writing about the contrast between  the socio-economic philosophies of CAPITALISM vs COMMUNISM. Then, I got the scent of my being pompous, maybe arrogant. I thought how great we are here in our CAPITALIST western world … Continue reading

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RAVES & RANTS: _____ CBC…I’m leaving you!

CBC…Canada lives here! Bologna or baloney! Take your pick. It doesn’t do the news anymore…nope, not with POV, TWITTER and TWEETS. The public network is pandering, pandering to the basic tastes or maybe one should say, the base tastes of … Continue reading

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TRAVEL: CUBA: daily life controlled by the government

CUBANS are a controlled citizenry, somewhat subtlety but still very really controlled. I was amazed the first few days I was in CUBA. I never saw an armed soldier anywhere, not even at the airport. I never even saw an … Continue reading

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TRAVEL: CUBA…five essential tips for a visit there!

Here are 5 essential tips for your visit to CUBA. 1. Bring mosquito repellent, lots of it. Staying on a CUBAN beach without layers of mosquito repellent is an invitation to an incessant calamity of itching. Call them sand fleas, … Continue reading

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TRAVEL: CUBA…a contradiction of logic and reason

My first trip to CUBA was cancelled due to illness. Now, CUBA has been checked off of my bucket list. Any visit to CUBA is to experience sadness and dismay tempered by melodious sounds that only Cubans can produce. Their … Continue reading

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