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Aphasia is the loss of ability to understand or express speech due to a brain injury. Often people with aphasia are looked upon as being less intelligent or mentally challenged. This is erroneous thinking. People with aphasia need more help … Continue reading

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Michael Connelly writes crisp, sharp thrillers which keep you on the edge of you seat page after page. Chasing The Dime is a typical Connelly oeuvre, well written, good plot, plenty of excitement and lots of twists and turns which … Continue reading

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HUMOUR: Creative old codger !

He’s got the patent on it already. So you’re too late!

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MISC.: British Columbia needs help

British Columbia is suffering one of the worst disasters in all its history. The forest fires continue to rage. Cooler temperatures and some wet weather would be a Godsend. Would you consider helping fellow Canadians with a donation to the … Continue reading

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BOOKS RICHARD read: CHIEFS . . . an outstanding first novel, Stuart Woods

An OUTSTANDING read, unequivocally! Dear Mr. Woods, Your detective novels are adult male comic books: lively, entertaining and occasionally even esoteric as a reader plays super sleuth trying to discover who is the “butler” of this novel’s crime. I have … Continue reading

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ARCHIVES: Shell Oil alert regarding refuelling

The SHELL OIL company has recently alerted people to the dangers of cell phone use and refuelling. This is a must read for anyone who refuels their vehicle. Here are some reasons why we don’t allow cell phones in operating … Continue reading

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SENIORS: Snow removal for Seniors with disabilities

Old man winter will be here sooner than we think, and much sooner than we want. And all of us will have to shovel the sidewalks again for another season. Seniors with disabilities can get assistance.

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ARCHIVES: City of Pickering FALL 2017 services and leisure guide

Want to do something special this fall? Something different? Something interesting and valuable to you? The City of Pickering offers its residents many services and leisure courses. Consult the guide available at the city link below.

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HUMOUR: Editorial cartoons have validity.

Now numerous individuals of worth, status and power are beginning to criticize Turnip as possibly being deranged. Stupidity should not be equated with insanity. Editorial cartoonists say it better.

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SCAMS - FRAUDS ALERT: SCAMS really upset me

Scammers are getting better and better at their job. This one didn’t cost me any real money, but it cost me more than three days of work on my computer recovering files and reinstalling programs Read the details below and … Continue reading

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