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RICHARD reads reviews: THREE DAYS MISSING, Kimberley Belle

Kimberly Belle, international bestselling author of four novels: The Last Breath, The Ones We Trust, The Marriage Lie, and Three Days Missing. Like Donna Lion, Kimberly has also lived in Europe for many years. She lived for over a decade … Continue reading

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RICHARD reads reviews: FULL DISCLOSURE, Beverley McLachlin

Beverley McLachlin knows a thing or two about writing. And she is a good judge of well written opinions based on years of experience.

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SCAMS - FRAUDS ALERT: Carbon monoxide scam

Another SCAM! Carbon monoxide is an odorless, invisible gas that is toxic to humans. You should have a carbon monoxide detector in your home….but…..

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SCAMS - FRAUDS ALERT: Canadian Government Anti Fraud Services

Canadian Government Anti Fraud Centre For services relating to FRAUD

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GRIPES: Think we have to help one another?

Compliments create comfort; complaints, stress. Let’s help each other. Tell us your Kudos, give us your complaints, your Gripes about your retail experiences. The GOOD, the BAD, and especially, the UGLY. We all benefit from helping each other. So why not join together. … Continue reading

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SCAMS - FRAUDS ALERT: Please, please, please….be aware

  Please, please, please….be aware. We can’t keep up. Read our SCAMS, FRAUDS and ALERTS section under Technology. Don’t trust anyone anymore. Even the CANADIAN govt. steals your private information. See STATSCAN  _____________________________________________________________  

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COMPUTERS: WIN 10 Sticky Notes…but NOTEZILLA is far better

  __Windows 10       What…you don’t use sticky notes!!! You might be the only one.  They are useful computer tool and you don’t have to be a computer geek to use them. Just click the WINDOWS key and type … Continue reading

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BOOK CLUBS OF PPL: We want you

  Throw out the viagra, toss the vitamin pills, ditch the protein powder and throw away the probiotics. Pickering Book Clubs are your way to better ageing, being healthier and happier. Join one of the BIG FOUR and see what happens. … Continue reading

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RICHARD's desk...: Can we help?

  Can we help? Need help with something? Finding a service? Solving an issue? Maybe we can find a phone number for you, a live person to calll? Let us know if we can help. Click HELP. _________________Important numbers:  PHONE ______________________________________________________________  

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Click the photo to see slideshows which show hairstyles for older women. There are a number of slideshows depicting long hair and short hair styles. Explore the slideshows to see what hairstyles you may want to consider and remember ‘Beauty … Continue reading

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AGEING: Michael Caine says ‘Aging is in the mind’

Michael Caine on how aging is in the mind. An excerpt from his new memoir.

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