The seasons pass, one by one…

We ought to be our own meteorologists with the extreme variations in our weather and in the seasons which we are getting.

“Wake up today and look outside and then declare the season!” seems to be Erma’s message here.

What season is it really?

Just this once, we can be our own Meteorologist and wish for the season we would like it to be. For now, it seems as though winter has stepped aside, allowing us the freedom to choose.

Let us be wise in our decision though, knowing that if we choose any season other than winter, it may just be wishful thinking on our part which could have some consequences.

I hesitated to write the article but I decided to have fun with it. I also know that by writing this article about Spring will not make it be Spring anymore than I am thinking that I am a Meteorologist.

The goal of writing this article is to stoke our seasonal emotions and remind us that there are brighter days ahead. For most of us, there is a different mindset in transitioning from Autumn to Winter versus Winter to Spring. The former often get some of us into early planning/preparation for the unexpected that is associated with winter. The latter puts a smile on our faces as we think about Spring possibilities. These possibilities vary from person to person but for me, Spring awakens many of my creative ideas about gardening, spring cleaning and colourful attire.

In the last ten years or so most if not all department stores have at least two different seasons of merchandise on display at any given time. In the next two weeks, pay attention to the clothing racks in the department stores and see if spring attires are not been jointly displayed. Just like us, we carry at least two seasons in our mind each time. If it’s fall we begin to wonder when will we have our first snowfall and vice versa.

I cannot remember in recent years seeing winter and spring sharing such a rollercoaster ride. Presently, we are having such warm days but some of us are getting colds and sniffles because of different reasons, like inappropriate attire coupled with plunging neck lines without a scarf. This kind of dressing is not really appropriate for the season. We cannot dress temperature appropriate we must dress season appropriate.

The winters can be harsh so nearing the end of each winter experience, we gaze through a window of longing hoping for Spring to bring us a long-awaited relief. Spring is no match for winter because winter fans the flame of deep chills to the bone. Winter brings North American high vacation rate as we travel to warmer climates, hoping we can have our cake and eat it too. When we watch the temperature promises to be warmer than what is historically documented, we have to remember that it is a warm spell in the middle of winter.

Winter does have it’s great purpose. While it forces us to slow our lifestyle pace we also see an increase in our heating bills, and for some of us, we may even have an increase in our exercise activities, through snow removal. Winter is also a good time for our farmers and the winter sporting sectors.

As we ponder what season it really is, let’s just fall back into winter and wait a little while longer until the grip of winter is over. Let us not be fooled by what it looks like, instead let’s be aware of the reigning season. The unspoken rule of each season is hidden in the relevance of the season to both human and plant life; therefore, each season attempts to dominate it’s specified time, according to the rotation on our yearly calendar. Though temperatures have remained above seasonal for some time now, the earth is still somewhat frozen so dress for winter, after all, old man winter may be having a temperature but he is very much alive in his frozen existence!


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