BRUNO's ramblings...: Breakfast on the patio, birds chirping good morning, summertime !

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Bruno’s a summertime man. He loves daybreak with the sounds of the birds as he sips his morning coffee on the patio. Ahh summertime is a great time of the year.

Summer is coming.

I have been waking up to bright sunshine shortly after 6 am. So early in the morning! It may be nice for the early risers, but sometimes some of us would like to sleep in a bit longer. Well, I’m up now! May as well make my morning coffee and breakfast. On a nice warm weekend morning, I like to sit outside and enjoy the fresh air with my coffee. Take in the sounds of birds chirping and the earth just waking up to another day.

This past Victoria Day weekend, we got to go out for a short motorcycle ride with my wife and her sister and husband. Took a ride into Whitby for a Hollywood Ice cream Banana Split. This was my wife’s first ride of the year. We both enjoyed the ride.

There are many Charity rides happening this month. Heroes Highway Ride & Rally, Durham Ride for Dad, and Ride for Sight, just to name a few. When you see numerous motorcycle groups rumbling along, remember why they are out there.

Dad and mom, slowin’ but still goin’ ! Bravo folks !

Father’s Day, June 17
We are fortunate to still have my father with us at 93. His short-term memory is not so good anymore and his hearing can be a concern.

In the building where my parents live, they still have a landline to allow people to enter the lobby to visit. Most times my father is the one that answers the phone. Often he does not understand the entry phone conversation, but won’t say anything. I am grateful to have my own key to enter the building now. Before there were many times I couldn’t get in because he didn’t understand what was said on the phone. Patience wanes with age!!

Oshawa’s Fiesta Day Parade and Fiesta Week, June 17
The parade will travel through downtown Oshawa Sunday about noon, going by City Hall on Center Street. Access to King Street eastbound from Park road to Center Street will be limited and possibly closed to local traffic. But do go there to enjoy the festivities.

Have a great start to the summer this year.

Vote … and wear your sunscreen !

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