There are no women councillors sitting on the Regional Council of Durham, nor on the Pickering municipal council. That’s simply incredible in this day and age.

The symbol above means men and women are equal but the gender gap in the Durham and Pickering civic councils is incredible. In fact, the representation of women on these councils is ZERO. Yes, zero, 0%, none, not one. In this day and age!

What does this say?
Is this a reflection of regional society’s evaluation of women’s worth? Is it a display of the gender bias of the region? Does it reflect the confidence and faith the region has for female politicians? Do you wonder what the region believes about women in general when it does not have even one single woman on either of the councils?

A legitimate queston. Why are there no women on council? Could it be societal bias against women? The current councillors cannot be blamed other than they too cast votes in an election. However, if no female candidates campaign in the municipal elections, there can be no female representation.

Why aren’t there many more female candidates
Perhaps the role women play in the home, in the family, in our society needs more re-evaluation and review. Is the family workload being shared fairly, thus freeing the woman of the house to consider other activities for her freer time? Is it a question of lack of confidence to be able to do the job? That intellectual slur is too obvious for a rebuttal. Could they lack the educational background? How did that come about? Early marriage? Marriage at an early age should not be a death sentence where the woman cannot pursue some of her own life’s goals is another obvious criticism of how society needs to shift its attitudes and its actions.

Vote your best choice
There are a number of female candidates in the Durham region elections, October 2108. But voters should choose their councillor using criteria that demonstrates who is the best candidate: past record, educational background, employment record, professional career…but there are more considerations, political promises, past involvement in municipal/regional politics, and even more, what does the candidate demonstrate in terms of potential, promise and capability based on what you can determine and hear.

Voters cannot, should not vote by gender only, though it is a very important consideration.  Nor should voters rely on incumbency alone as a considering factor. Just because the candidate has been there before, is not a guarantee the job will be done properly or well in the future.

Who do you believe will serve you best?
The mayoralty campaign in Pickering has a woman. There are a number of women running for council in Pickering. Gender is one consideration, but it should not be the only one, nor should it necessarily be the foremost one. Incumbency is a consideration but then everyone started at one point or another. Voting is a far more difficult task than seen at first glance.

Give all the candidates fair and full consideration. Vote for who you think will do the best job and represent you best. But VOTE.



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