Mission statement: I am going to develop a new lifestyle based on more regulation in my life.

Acknowledgment: The time has come, time for a lifestyle change. Maybe it’s recognition of mortality, maybe it’s fear of traumatic disability; maybe it’s unleased vanity…but the time has come for a new start in life.

This section of the website marks the beginning of a new lifestyle. Physically, life has always been an endless struggle with weight. It’s time to own up and admit to being irresponsible, living life without regulation, without a strategy, without self-imposed but necessary controls.

GOALS:  Life is better lived with goals, goals such as career aspirations, skills development, knowledge extension or in my case, health improvements. I am obese and it is time to attack this problem with strategies, determination, and dedication.

Goal #1: 10 lbs
My first goal is to change my weight, get rid of 10 lbs, a small sounding goal but as my life seems to be one of ever-increasing weight, a 10 lb weight reduction goal is Mount Everest. Time frame, 2 months but I will reach the goal likely within a month. So the second month will be to maintain the reduction.

Goal #2: Hydration & Nutrition
This sounds easy, drink more water, eat with more care and greater consideration.

__WATER:__ 6 glasses / day
__ACTION:_ 10,000 steps
__MUSCLE: _strength development, 5/5/5
___________[ 5 pushups, 5 squats, 5 sec plank ]

This section will change a lot over the next two months. It will be developed and modified with the aim of improving and clarifying issues.

I developed this website to help others with information, news and website URLs. My goal of helping others continues. I am not a model or an epitome of optimal living. However, these personal failures can be addressed and changed. I have hope that as I progress on this road, it may motivate others, it may spark them, it may help them with their goals of improving their lives.

 The “PROGRESS LOG” refers to my ongoing daily notes as to how it is going. 

SUPPORT system
1. My wife
My wife is slim. She eats fruit as if she owned an orchard. She moves all day long, not exercising, but walking, going upstairs, downstairs, sweeping, laundrying, ironing, shopping…I get tired writing all that she does. But there is a message there, isn’t there!

2. My DIETITIAN advisor
Lisa Ireland, is one our Grey Quill writers. Read more about her at LISA.

3. My EXERCISE motivator
Agnes Scott, is a certified activity trainer for seniors and a Registered Nurse specializing in geriatric care. She is my activities guru, motivating me to move more, to find activities that I enjoy and do them more.

Those who do not see reasons or need for improvement in their life. Bravo! I am very glad for you. Unfortunately, I am not one of those. My physical life needs attention or it could impact me disastrously. The urgency is there. How about your life? Have you done a little self-assessment about your life? I am not going to tell anyone what to do, what they should do or how they should do it. However, if they can learn something from my epiphany, then I applaud them and wish them the very best.

It is not that we have a short time to live, but that we waste a lot of it.
______________________________________ Seneca

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