Jan 24 – More snow innundation lamentation…

Rotzy’s claiming snow conditions here are nothing to sneeze at as they were in Nakina, up north in Ontario.

“From NakRina” ‘Looks Like We Made It’
          to quote Barry Manilow)….through what some media have tabbed ‘The Storm of The Decade’ (*see below) early last week down here in the Banana Belt. It said we got 6 or 7 inches in Brant’s Ford, a tad more in rural areas and some drifting. It IS the biggest fall of snow down here since Miz. Jo and Rotzy migrated to The Telephone City in the fall of 2018. For Nakinaites….and a couple olde ‘misplaced Nakinaites’…..half a foot of snow wouldn’t be/isn’t a big deal….up there. But we’re not. Up there. Up there the main result would be ‘improved snowshoeing/snowmobiling conditions’, but in Southern Ontario….especially anywhere near the GTA….NOTHING good can come from it, except perhaps for a ‘snow day’ for the kids, but at this point students hardly need yet ANOTHER day off, you think? And, did y’all notice T.O. Mayor John Tory did NOT follow Carnival Mel Lastman’s boot prints and call in the Army to save Hogtown. I expect the main difference between here and up north is not so much the plowing of the snow, but getting rid of it. For example, their new front-end loader has made a few small ‘mountain ranges’ here at Skyline’s 535/555/575 compound parking areas, and standard procedure is to then load the giant piles into dump trucks (often done at nights) and haul it to azen or more parking spot to wait for the ‘glaciers’ to recede (saving $$).

Hence Rotzy might start a ‘melting pool’ with people kicking in $5 bucks and picking your ‘melt day’. I’m thinking sometyme in March…..around St Paddy’s Day! Count me in for a fiver….and if they DO clear the lot prior to melting, the pool is cancelled and all bets are off. Go ahead….pick your day. By the bye, what if….and it’s a large ‘IF’….Skyline (our kindly keepers here) decides to spend some $$ and actually PAY somebody to move it???? Nah…..ain’t happening. It’s like (to quote a reader) “If your aunt had balls, she’d be your uncle”. So place your bet.

Rotzy’s Snow Routine….
          in Nakina was a whole lot different than it is down here….a ‘necessity’ if you will…..it HAD to be done…..ten feet (or more) of snow between October and April, my annual winter ‘fitness regime’, especially after Miz. Jo and I ‘retired’ from our bi-weekly Pairs and/or Dance Figure Skating at The Rec Centre. Hence, when we moved south, with our dull, rusty skates hung up, and only 1 or maybe 2 ft of snow to shovel all winter I had to ‘adapt’ to a new ‘fitness scheme’. So I did. Adapt. Anytyme we’d get an inch or three of snow, I’d brush off our vehicle, then do someone else’s if I thought they might need a hand. And I got to the point last winter where I’d really ‘get on a roll’ and clear off as many as 15 vehicles. Whenever they needed doing….and I quite enjoyed doing it….even had some people wanting to pay me, but ‘thanks anyway’. So….SO….then came ‘the storm of the decade’ (*see above) last Tuesday and Miz. Jo ‘fired’ me. OK,OK,OK…..I lied. She ‘laid me off’….meaning I’m allowed to brush off Edna The SUV, but that’s it. I had done 4 1/2 or 5 1/2 other vehicles between 10:00 and 11:00 AM, then went on my daily ‘buckboard run’….Circle K Convenience, Zehr’s and the In And Out Store….then up to Unit #303 for a sandwich. Egg salad methinks. And at 1:00 PM I told Miz. Jo ”stretch tyme in my chair (almost a daily thing, for my neck and back)….no snooze” as I was gonna go out to give some more vehicles the brush-off. Didn’t make it….everything got stupid, along with yours truly, and seeing as I still have a whack of extra Frequent Rider Miles with EMS, I was off to BGH. Again. Long story short…..seems I had ‘a COPD Moment’, with a shortage of 02 in my pumpkin, thus I got my pink slip from Nurse Jo Ann when I rolled home in a beat-up City Taxi Dodge Van about 11:00 PM. The 17th was a long day! Some friends cleared the snow from around Edna The SUV and other vehicles on Tuesday, then Rotzy had a ‘fall down-go boom’ in our living room a night later, blaming it on my left knee ‘giving out’….but Rotzy’s got things back on track now. Down to Stoney Creek this ayem (Fri) for a major ultrasound on both legs….no blood clots! Good eh? Back there next Tuesday at 10:30….after my 7:40 VON appointment….then I’m on (virtually speaking)….for a chat with a Vascular Surgeon next Wednesday. Not sure that I want to be ‘surged’ but Rotzy is an excellent patient…..just doing what they tell me. Always…..so stay tuned.

On The Lighter Side….
          of all this medical hustle and bustle, admittedly along with some ‘jangled nerves’ at tymes….and then ‘the storm of the decade’ and all it entailed….there was some humour involved. Not giggling or little titters….we’re talking a BIG belly-laugh, and it came at the expense of Skyline Living….yes, our ‘kindly keepers’….and yours truly. OK? Gotta give y’all some ‘background’ in order to set this thing up. OK? Yours truly is ‘known’ here at 535/555/575….likely as Bob, the big, scary-looking olde guy with gray beard and crooked neck….he’s ALWAYS around, talking and laughing….no ‘shrinking violet is he’….especially down at the community gardens from April to November. He seems to know gardening; he’s sometymes drinking what looks like beer, and word is he smokes marijuana or some kind of drug inside his vehicle marijuana! (*note….well ho-lee s–t….to quote Meatloaf….”two out of three ain’t bad”.) Anyway, you get my drift about ‘being known’ here. So….SO….we get a fone call last Thursday when Rotzy was reading, whilst having a Bud Light and a puff down in Edna The SUV….Miz. Jo picks up and it’s some lady from Skyline whom she doesn’t know and has never spoken with previously. Firstly she/Skyline is profoundly sorry about my health issues and that it was quite probably brought on by over exertion while helping clear snow off fellow residents’ vehicles….and how very thoughtful it is of him to be doing this. Also…..how very relieved she/Skyline is that Bob is home and recovering! Jo Ann thanked her. and relayed the fact I had been ‘excluded’ from any future snow clearing plans….or ‘laid off’ if she preferred’. This seemed to upset Ms.Skyline even more, a short delay and she sounded almost ‘desperate’ when she returned to Miz. Jo and in a VERY apologetic voice indicated that Skyline could/would GLADLY supply an indoor/underground parking spot that’s accessible via the North end for us so that Mr Rotz wouldn’t even have to think about brushing snow. Miz. Jo said ”Wonderful”!! Rotzy won’t even have to think about that very kind offer!! Ms Skyline said ”Wonderful”! At that point Ms. Jo virtually exploded with laughter! (*ooops….actually ‘virtually’ is a poor choice of word there, because the laughter was VERY REAL!) and then, next thing ya know there’s Ms. Skyline guffawing right along with Jo Ann, as if on cue! She finally managed to get enough of a grip on thin things to shout ”what the heck is so funny”??!! Jo Ann chortled back….”Well, for starters there is zero underground parking here at 555/Harris Place. Nor is there a ‘north entrance”. Then….”Oh my”. (*there is a thick ‘bush’ to the North where some trolls live but no vehicles go there. Ever.

*Thought Of The Day…Just fired myself from cleaning Unit #303. I didn’t like my attitude….and I got caught drinking on the job.

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