Saul Alinsky: senior-aged city councilor stumps all the library board members

Every here of Saul Alinsky? Google him or search for him on my site. You’ll be enlightened. Alinsky had a “9-day theory” which held that any news story, no matter how catastrophic, had 9-day legs. Meaning it would be displaced by a new story or simply another story in a short period of time, as short as 9 days. His theory holds true for almost every story in the news. Occasionally, a story will have new facets or newer dimensions which will make it last longer but not much longer.

Anyway, the interesting aspect of this Bit N Byte is that I was in attendance at a city library board meeting, attended by nearly a dozen reps including a municipal councillor who is on the ‘older’ side, a senior. As the meeting developed, the councillor made a comment to the effect that “let’s not Alinsky this issue” relating to Saul Alinsky and meaning let’s not discuss this issue and let it fade away in ‘9 days.’ Whoosh, over the heads of every one of the younger attendees. None responded as none knew anything about Saul Alinsky and his 9 day there. A pity! A comment about the literacy of youth? Mind you, how could they even discover Saul Alinsky?


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