Teens should be buried, to be exhumed once they reach 22 yrs of age

Teenagers should be buried, not to be exhumed for over a decade later when they become normal human beings once again.

Most parents of teens would agree with the burying aspect of this idea as they no doubt suffer greatly from the trials, traumas and tribulations of teen development. Teens live in another dimension, another world. They don’t think like regular humans, certainly not like parents. They have different life behaviours, different sleeping habits, different energy levels, and different food habits. They simply aren’t regular human beings. Compounding this is that often they are obnoxious and contrary, rebellious and opposing rules and requests to which they abided not long before. Now, the teen is a new monster who a parent cannot comprehend or come close to understanding.

The parent who survives the trauma of teenage development is introduced to a totally new human being when the teen reaches early adulthood, the twenties. The rebel without a cause disappears, replaced by a reasoning, logical-thinking adult who is open to discussion and compromise. It’s a totally new human being with the emphasis on HUMAN.


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