All candidates were invited to submit a campaign
message. Message posting is strictly for information
purposes and is not intended as an endorsement
or promotion of any candidate.
Updates are made
upon receipt of the message from the candidate.

ASHE, KEVIN, MAYOR candidate
BRENNER, Maurice, Councillor candidate, Reg. Ward 1 (VIDEO), (TEXT)
BUTT, Shaheen, Councillor candidate, Ward 3
COOK, Linda, Regional Ward, 2

CUNNINGHAM, Emma, TRUSTEE, Durham District School Board
FRAMPTON, Janice, MAYOR candidate
HAROLD, Tony, Councillor candidate, Ward 1
KAZI, ZEYNAB, councillor candidate, Ward  1
LINTON, STEPHEN, TRUSTEE, Durham District School Board
McCAFFERTY, Jim, TRUSTEE, Durham Catholic School Board
NAGY, MARA, Councillor candidate, Ward 2
NAZAR, Brad, MAYOR candidate
PICKLES, Dave, councillor candidate, Regional Ward 3
SARDAR, AYESHA, Councillor candidate, Ward 2
SOLIGO, Jeanine, councillor candidate Ward 1
SHRITHARAN, DARSHAN, councillor candidate, Ward 3
STRANGE, Gary, Regional Ward 2
TURNER, George, Councillor candidate, Ward 2
YACUB, Anthony, Councillor candidate, Ward 1

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