Councillor candidates contacted regarding the new Durham Region Sanitation Services policy

Councillors Ashe, Brenner, Butt, and Pickles were contacted for clarification and more input relating to the new DURHAM REGION SANITATION SERVICES WARRANTY PLAN. They have been reminded that though there is a campaign going on, city management and city affairs cannot be put on hold. Pickering residents deserve assistance and advice in regard to all this.

Those who responded as 9/6/22 and their responses are below:

Gary Strange, Councillor candidate, Region 2
Apparently there was a change in July that stated the Region was no longer responsible for the sanitary and water lines from your property line into your home. They connected with this company to offer people an option but it appears to be not well thought out or communicated.

I would suggest sending an email to your Regional Councillor (and current candidate for mayor) to confirm this and then call your insurer. 
Maurice Brenner, Councillor candidate, Region 1
The City of Pickering and all City Councillors are not part of the decision making for Regional Works.
There are 4 members of Pickering Council who sit at Regional Council that would have been part of the decision making.
Since I am only an alternate I was not filling in when the matter came forward September 21 2021 to works Committee.
From what I have since researched, there was little to any engagement with the public in advance of these letters something that is not acceptable.
Janice Frampton, Mayor candidate
Please let me know what the letter is about. Thank you.
Dave Pickles, Councillor candidate, Region 3
I got the same letter, I have asked for greater clarity from the Region on a number of matters.

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