Canadian prairie heat wave creates shortage of world famous France’s Dijon mustard

This story may become disastrous for mustard gourmands. A heat wave in Alberta and Saskatchewan has destroyed over 50% of the mustard seed crop which is the basis for France’s famous Dijon mustard.

What me worry! If you are a true mustard aficionado this may become catastrophic. To add a little perspective, Dijon mustard compared to regular mustard is like comparing champagne to beer. Each has its proponents but they do not live in the same kitchen. Dijon mustard is delicate, and subtle in flavour, a culinary delight that can enhance the flavour of almost any eatable. Add it to eggs, sausage, even mayonnaise but not a hot dog! Its taste is light, almost ethereal, not the bold, robust acidic explosion which Canadian and American sports fans slather on their hot dogs.

Buy up supplies now as supply chain issues are not the villain of this story. The villain is global warming. Read more at MUSTARD.

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