SAFEGUARD pan handles for use in your oven

Spanish PAELLA

Spanish PAELLA a la Szpin

Ever wanted to finish off a pan-cooked dish in your oven but the handles were not oven proof? Here’s how to do it.

Wrap aluminum foil over the handle or the pan grip before inserting the pan into the oven.

The aluminum foil will deflect enough of the oven heat so the handle or grip are not ruined by the heat. Mind you, be cautious about how far you can push this tip. An oven set to its highest temperature may be asking to much of this tip. As well, long baking periods may be too much. But for a range of about 350-400 F for 20-30 minutes you handles and grips should not be damaged.

A useful tip if your pan dish needs finishing in the oven but you used a pan without oven proof handles. [Best kitchen pans to buy are ones with oven proof handles at the outset.]

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