04 – 01B – response from the Health Ministry to a senior trying to get VACCINATED; 3 VAX

The Ministry responded to the Senior’s follow-up about Shopper’s Drug Mart reluctance to apply the high-dose flu vaccine to a Senior. Shopper’s erred in their reluctance to give healthy seniors High-dose flu shots.

There are 3 vaccines available: standard-dose, high-dose and adjuvanted vaccines. The adjuvanted vaccines are manufactured especially for patients over 65 as they have ingredients added to create a stronger immune response in patients who receive this vaccine.

Ministry reply to the senior:

Thank you for your email to the Ministry of Health, dated October 30, 2022 regarding your experience receiving the flu vaccine.

This year, the flu vaccine in Ontario was made available for individuals at high risk of flu complications and/or hospitalization (including individuals 65 years of age and older) beginning in October. Starting November 1, the flu vaccine was available to Ontarians 6 months of age and older.

Seniors, especially those in congregate settings such as long-term care homes and hospitals and retirement homes, should get immunized as soon as influenza vaccine is available for them. The National Immunization Committee on Immunization (NACI) states that for seniors, any of the influenza vaccines can be used. The standard-dose, high-dose and adjuvanted vaccines ALL protect against influenza, and the most important thing is for older adults to be vaccinated.

There is no vaccine specifically for “healthy seniors” – all three publicly funded flu vaccines (i.e. standard-dose, high-dose and adjuvanted) can be used for seniors 65 years of age and older.

We will follow up with the corporate office of Shoppers Drug Mart to ensure alignment with provincial guidance.

Thank you again for writing.

Correspondence and Corporate Support
Ministry of Health

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