05 – Long COVID -new term in my lexicon

I am coughing, fairly regularly which is saying a fair bit. With all these respiratory viruses going around, you become worried. What is it? Tuberculousis? Pneumonia? Lung cancer?

A visit to my family doctor, yup, they still exist but this man is run ragged with patients. Yet his efficiency astounds me. His waiting room seldom has more than 3-4 people in it and wait times are in the 10-15 minute range most often. One can’t complain about that.

Anyway to get back to my point, I talked about testing positive for COVID about 2 months ago and negative on subsequent tests every couple of weeks since. Yet I have symptoms that are becoming discouraging: endless coughing, sporadic but every few minutes nevertheless, fatigue, constant and butt-dragging. My afternoon 40 minute naps are becoming 1-2 hr siestas. And they are deep sleep. Must be very meditative because Fermo comes in and plops himself down by the couch and he’s off into the arms of Orpheus as deeply as I am.

Oops off track again. So the doctor diagnoses that it is long COVID with these symptoms of fatigue, couch, flu like symptoms lasting from 3 weeks to 3 months. Oh wow, imagine this nuisance of a cough lasting for 3 months. Flu season will have passed. Winter will have passed but the couch has not.

Something else of importance. I have had 4 booster shots for COVID. Cannot have the 5th at this time because you have to be clear for 3 months before you are eligible for the 5th. Sounds a bit like Scientology with need to be clear to move to the next plane. No no, I never belonged. Had a family member that was taken in by those scammers. Hey listen, so has Tom Cruise, John Travolta and Nicholas Cage too I think.

So here I am drinking another damn tea with lemon and honey…the cougher’s cure-all. But it does give one some relief. It’s the honey…but I say that often, “Honey, you’re such a relief.”

Cough, cough….done for now.


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