AGEISM erupts once again

AGEISM rears its ugly head again.

Nikki Haley, former American ambassador to the UN, should know better. After all, she’s a mature-aged adult, we think.

Flagrant ageism: Nikki Haley called for politicians over the age of 75 to be tested for mental competency. Watch out Joe Biden, this declared presidential candidate is ‘gunning‘ for you. Does she mean if they can’t explain quantum physics or differentiate between a rhomboid and a rum ball, they should be removed from office? Omigod, here we go again…pick on older people.  Do we have a “best before date” stamped on our foreheads? Should we? Do we need to be labelled as prime, choice or AAA cut and anything non-labelled gets tossed?

Don Lemon, a well-known CNN broadcaster, got into it the same way Haley did except his AGEIST slur was against women. So Don, tell us, at what age do we toss the woman out? 50? 40? 30? This man is a true product of our society, conditioned to be critical of women because of their age. Talk about buffoonery! No, worse. Mental abuse, unjust offence, uncalled-for insult.

Kaitlin Collins, 30, Don Lemon, 56, Poppy Harlow, 40

Sided by the two co-hosts of “CNN This Morning,” Lemon was immediately jarred into focus by his two broadcasting colleagues. 

Our society worships at the altar of youth and female youth is its tabernacle. It never ends. Know the difference between a rhomboid and a rum ball? You keep your job, regardless of age. Huh?

Read Torstar journalist Vinay Menon on AGEISM vs APOLOGIES

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