Wk 4-5-23

Hello Savvy Shoppers!

In case you didn’t get all your shopping needs for your Easter dinner done last week, there are a few good offers in the latest grocery store flyers valid for the next few days.

Some of the best deals are as follows:

Superstore and No Frills
Grapes         $.99 lb

No Frills
Fresh pineapples    $1.88
Sweet potatoes       $.79 lb
Breyers ice cream  $2.99,
Shrimp                   $6.99.

Food Basics
Potatoes (5 lb)       $1.25
Carrots (2 lb)         $1.25
Onions                   $1.25.

Metro – Thursday and Saturday, 2 days only
Asparagus              $1.99 lb
Prime rib roast       $6.99 lb
fresh turkey           $2.49 lb.

Farm Boy
hot cross buns,(8 pack) $5.99

Hickory smoked ham $ 1.97 lb
Asparagus              $1.97
Brussel sprouts      $1.97 lb. 

Enjoy your weekend festivities, Savvy Shoppers…and be reminded these stores are closed Good Friday and Easter Sunday.

I have to go now, and finish off my own last minute dinner shopping list.

Savvy Shopper…




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