Wk 4-12-23

Hello Savvy Shoppers!

Do you check your bill?
At the grocery checkout. In a hurry. Give the total on the cash register receipt a quick glance. Now, pay and leave.


Before you walk out of the store with your cart and bags of groceries, examine the scanned bill. Are the prices on the specials as advertised?

OOPS! An error? Or a couple of them? You note the differences. It’s not the fault of the cashier. Someone did not enter the new price on the store’s computer system. Should you go and complain? Yes, you should! In fact, the store will appreciate the notification of the error to avoid other customers from the same problems. Learning you have been overcharged once you are at home is too late. At that point, all you can do is stew over being overcharged for some items.

Before leaving the store, examine your receipt for price accuracy. Bring any errors to the attention of customer service in the store. They will verify the price and if you are right, the error will be corrected. However, in those stores that participate in the SCOPE program, “Scanner Code Of Practice,” you will be given one item for free, up to a $10 value. Worth checking your bill!

This week’s highlighted grocery specials:

Food Basics:
Canteloupes                      $1.88 ea
Bartlett pears                     $.98lb
Red Prince apples              $.98lb
3 romaine hearts                $3.98

5-6 avocados                   $1.98
Activia yougurt tub           $2.99

No Frills:
NN napkins 500                $3.99
Royale bath tissues 15=30 $5.99

Strawberries                      $2.99lb
Zucchini/eggplants            $1.29 lb
Kraft peanut butter            $5.77

Fresh whole chicken         $1.99lb
Bertolli olive oil 1L          $7.99

Oranges                            $.88lb
Seedless cucumbers          $.99 ea

Savvy shopping everyone!

Savvy Shopper

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