Wk 4-20-23

Hello Savvy Shoppers!

After years of trying to encourage shoppers to steer away from plastic shopping bags, perhaps now?

The 5-cent surcharge didn’t work…
reading about the negative impact of plastic…was probably written for others, not for us.

Right? Wrong!. We all have a responsibility towards our environment. And finally, Canada’s law banning single-use plastics is a great step towards pushing us to save our ecosystem.

Do you look at how much plastic wrapping is being used? In meats, wrapping fish, and on houseware items? We are overwhelmed by plastic, and not all of it is recyclable.

Plastic production in the world has increased from 1.5 million tons in 1950 to 35.9 million tons by 2018. More than 150 million tons of plastic are polluting our world’s waters, 70% of which are single-use plastics. There is even an island of plastic that has formed known as the “Great Pacific Garbage Patch” and it moves according to the ocean’s currents.  The impact of plastic garbage has reached such a level it endangers our whole ecosystem. It may not even surprise you to learn that our own bodies ingest 5 grams of plastic per week!

So, finally, congratulations to Loblaws, the last of the big shopping conglomerates removes single-use check-out bags.

April is Earth Month
Let’s all lend a bag to our environment. Let’s use our reusable and fun bags. Let’s declare our own personal challenge: “Break Free from Plastic Challenge”

Deals of the week:

Breyers ice cream $2.88

No Frills
Oranges 8Lb case  $4.99
6lb apples $3.50
Cascade dish detergent $9.99

Fresh steelhead trout $10.99 lb
grapes $2.49 lb

striploin steak $8.88 lb
broccoli $1.99 ea.

Food Basics
Black Diamond cheese $4.88
Activia yogurt $2.88

Cantaloupes $1.88
tomatoes $.99lb
Delissio pizza $3.49

Savvy shopping everyone!

Savvy Shopper

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