COMMUNITY BOARD: “littlefreelibrary”- book borrowing beyond your local library

This library concept has been around for a few years now and people are finally catching on.

The basis of this little library is “take one, leave one”… a borrower can take a book from the books inside the library box. When they are done reading it, they simply return it to the box…no fees, no library card, just a simple ‘borrow and return’ concept. Brilliant in its simplicity, practical in its convenience. Users are often surprised at how recent or popular the books are that are held within the box. It all depends on the local borrowers.

These boxes are available in more than 100,000 locations across North America. They are especially practical in cottage country and rural areas where people are less likely to drive to a local library.

Elizabeth Phin Public School has one of these “littlefreelibrary” books boxes with some excellent titles at the time I attended the box. Other borrowers at this location must be the creme de la creme of book readers as the selection of titles at this box was top-notch, even some best-selling authors such as Dan Brown.

This local community endeavour is a real book-borrowing convenience. Check it out and see how conveniently it fills your reading needs. 

Great stuff Elizabeth Phin Public School…and another reason to read our “COMMUNITY BOARD” news.

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