EDITORIAL: More than 100 candidates!

There are more than 100 candidates campaigning to be Mayor of Toronto.

Regardless of what you may think of any candidate: fringe, “not-a-hope-in hell,” wacko, contender, considerable, serious, worthwhile, whatever, one thing for certain, there are a lot of people who think they could do a reasonable job if not a better one if they were in the office of Mayor of Toronto.

John Tory
No matter how Tory’s moral principles have been assessed, polls indicate that Tory would win if he ran in this election. This may be justifiable if one examines his political record while mayor, the impact of his policies on the city. The city was always moving forward, at a snail’s pace in many eyes, but this is understandable and understood by every politician. No policy can be passed without innumerable compromises, modifications, and much bargaining. Tory had the skills of compromise and give-and-take down to a science, polished to an art. All for naught as he chose not to seek re-election, arguably a notable loss for the City of Toronto.

More than 100 candidates
Application submission has closed with 102 hopefuls ponying up the $200 fee to apply. Maybe in this day and age, the fee should be increased to weed out fringe or less-than-serious candidates but an increased application fee could be viewed as being undemocratic for some. Regardless, democracy will likely do its work reducing the crowd to one, the best one, though that cannot be known without some time in the office..

Though politicians everywhere suffer the slings and arrows of citizen criticism, sometimes too rigorous as seen at a recent all-candidates town hall in Toronto where a protestor or protest group stormed the stage until security managed to regain control of the meeting. We live in the waterfall watershed years of T**** politics and that miscreant still dominates the news and every political conversation or discussion. He lies constantly but a significant number of people still support him, selectively deaf and mentally intransigent.

Democracy is strong
In Toronto, the number of candidates running for mayor affirms that democracy is strong and vibrant. That over 100 people applied to campaign shows how equitable our democracy is. No one was rejected. We believe everyone can run for office, any office and we walk the walk, stand by our words, and practice what we preach.

Victory vs defeat
Democracy may apply restrictive limitations on campaigns, but practical considerations are unavoidable. Beyond democratic considerations, a candidate’s chances of victory are affected by many factors: campaign budgets, celebrity or public familiarity, incumbency, public popularity, reaction to media presentations, campaign styles, media facility and use, and much more. Appropriate size and effective use of these factors will help determine outcome. Success will not be determined by funding, looks, or debate style. These are not negligible factors. Rather victory will be determined by contact and credibility. The more hands the candidate shakes, the more doorbells rung, doors knocked, the more the candidate is seen, those are the crucial facets to forging a victory. That they go a long way is evidenced by so many low-odds candidates being successful in many recent local elections.

These days candidates must contend with public cynicism with politicians in general. Perhaps there has never been a time when politicians were accepted and believed readily and at face value. With the T**** declarations of fake news and nasty media, politicians themselves condition the public to be skeptical and cynical about anyone or anything political. No matter how sincere, how principled, how upstanding the campaigner may be, each of them today paddles against the stream, navigating their campaign canoe against tumultuous headwaters that precious politicians churned.

Cheers for all of us
There should be supportive cheering as given to our wonderful Maple Leafs who played their hearts out in the playoffs. Maybe it really doesn’t matter if you win or lose. What matters is how you played the game.

We wish each candidate the very best in their campaign endeavours and we urge every voter to take part in the game….VOTE!

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