One night only, Hello,

Featuring Canadian poets, Anindita Mukherjee, Mbonisi Zikhali, Diana Manole

 Diana Manola is a second-language immigrant woman poet in Canada who will read from Praying to a Landed-Immigrant God which is about to be printed: https://greybordersbooks.jigsy.com/diana-manole

The event will the culmination of the HAPPENING Multicultural Festival, the first and only Toronto festival created by community artists, giving center-stage to the talent and skills of immigrant, newcomer, and refugee artists. It is a multi-arts platform which includes music, dance, visual arts, community-engaged arts, storytelling, spoken word, and poetry. HAPPENING embraces the cultural richness of Canadian cities while creating professional development opportunities for artists, as well as offering opportunities to connect and form meaningful collaborations for artists.

The HAPPENING Poetry Nights festival celebrates poets who are newcomers, refugees, or immigrants and is an event that connects poets from many geographical locations and who speak in different accents and languages. Literature continues to be the most exclusive of arts and the most resistant against outsiders. An immigrant’s linguistic, cultural, and political accents marks them as alien, and hence, an unwanted company or colleague among fellow writers and poets.

Curator of the event: Bänoo Zan
Banno Zan is a poet and poetry curator with over 200 published pieces and three books, including Songs of Exile and Letters to My Father. She is the founder of Shab e She’r (Poetry Night), Toronto’s most diverse and brave poetry reading and open mic series (inception: 2012).

May 18, 2023, 7:00 pm EST


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