PICKERING: Kevin Ashe, (Mayor, Pickering)

Mayor Kevin Ashe

Mayor Ashe has not tripped up in any serious or obvious way since taking office. He has fulfilled the role as expected with no signs of disastrous negativity.

As any leader in this position, criticisms seem too easy and many of which would be unfair.

Ashe has held one major town hall which looked very successful. There were no heated criticisms flogged at the mayor, not even tepid ones.

The mayor touted the many praiseworthy aspects in the development of the city: attracting many new corporations; creation of numerous jobs; increased investment in the city. It all is very exciting for residents as it makes our city more modern and more cosmopolitan. However, Ashe cannot take all the credit for this growth. Some must be reserved for the previous mayor, Dave Ryan.

Not all roses
It’s not all praise for Mayor Ashe. He deserves and should be criticized for the division that the Council is currently undergoing. It is a tough call to meddle too much into the councilor’s individual matters or thinking. However, it is crucial to unite Council in pursuing the same goals for the city. Divisive issues should be resolved as quickly and practically as possible to ensure unity of Council in its aim of doing the best for the City. At the moment, this Council is divided and this polarization is a serious matter because it creates an animosity in the Council. Rather than working together, the Council members work independently. Individualized thinking is important for a city council but it should not come at the expense of collaboration and team unity. In this regard, Mayor Ashe has faced with a serious problem.

The City of Pickering is fast becoming a vibrant extension of Toronto. Ashe deserves credit for moving it along this development path. However, with the cudgel of strong mayor in his scabbard, used with discretion and diplomacy, Ashe must resolve the division the Council is experiencing at this time.


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