TECHNOLOGY: *** 3 tips to Increase your productivity or simply do more by doing less***

It is a real challenge to remain highly productive these days as there are so many ways to undermine your productivity. Here are some valuable tips that will help you stay better focused, become more efficient and reaching better productivity and more efficiency.

1. Set time limits beforehand. Determine ahead of time how long a task (or set of tasks) is going to take. This prevents in-the-moment obsession over wording, details, and making sure all the infographics in your deck are horizontally aligned.

2. Don’t let perfect be the enemy of good. Sometimes it’s ok to whip off emails that don’t include choice intros you’ve agonized over for 20 minutes. “I hope you’re doing well today” will do just fine.

3. Block your calendar. Try putting a hold on your schedule exclusively for admin tasks, either at the beginning or end of each day. That way things don’t build up throughout the week, and they don’t get lost in the shuffle either.

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