CLUBS to consider: 01 BE WARY ABOUT JOINING Probus Pickering Club

Consider joining this club with a very wary eye because it has an executive that is cliquish, power hungry, unprofessional and lacking a mature adult’s concept of integrity and ethical values.

I was a member and an executive in the PROBUS PICKERING Club but I made the mistake of crossing swords with the president’s wife, editor of the newsletter. The vindictive and unprofessional response by the president was to hold a secret meeting to oust me from the executive. The meeting was arranged so that I could not attend as I was out of the country. This conniving, despicable unprofessional had his way persuading the executive to eject me as an executive without a fair hearing whatsoever. Then to add insult to injury, he persuaded the current president to act as he wished and had my general membership revoked.

Think twice about joining this club. It has an executive which is unelected, getting their positions by a nominating committee which consists of its own chosen executives as members. More importantly, this executive acts unilaterally with no regard to a Code of Conduct for itself, if one exists. 

People considering joining this club ought to give it serious second thought. The general membership of the club is comprised of positive and personable individuals and I found interacting with them to be a rewarding experience. If leadership which has a dictatorial and autocratic bent, it is not a club worth considering. Pickering offers much more ethically led and professionally directed clubs.

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