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For about two years, I held the executive position of ACTIVITES COORDINATOR working very hard and very diligently at promoting PROBUS PICKERING CLUB. However, the executives of the club sought to control me in my endeavours, at every turn. Some of the things for which they criticized me are hilarious, if not too sublime. Just one example will demonstrate how ridiculous this attempted control was.

I created a PROBUS PICKERING T shirt on my own, computer printed a white tshirt with my name and position transferred on to it. I was criticized and told that the tshirt was illegal. Asking for a clarification, an executive explained it was illegal because I made it myself and did not buy it from an officially recognized PROBUS RETAIL STORE. Like I knew such a thing existed!

I guess I was ignorant on a few other matters. When I asked the newsletter editor to correct some inaccurate information about a technology club which I convened, I was refused. Going to the president to get assistance in getting the information corrected was a big mistake on my part. You see, the editor and the president are husband and wife and the wife dominates and dictates everything as she often tried to do in executive meetings. Man, did I err. Within a month I was ejected from my executive position at a meeting which was held when I was out of the country. Hence, I never got a fair hearing, nor did I ever hear what the complainants said against me. Even bigoted klans in the south dealt with people they opposed in person. But not this executive. It did things under the table, behind closed doors.

With no defensive recourse other than publicly writing the details of what transpired, the false accusations and lies launched at me were now labeled as “mudslinging.” I only posted the truth and never slinging any mud against the club as a whole. If saying the majority of the executive acted unprofessionally, unethically and without any integrity is mudslinging, then I am guilty and I will say it all again. Those who attended that meeting and voted me out of the executive position and then out of the club are not professionals, have no sense of justice and fair play, and lack the courage to act with integrity and morality. 

As I do not want to be “slinging mud” and besmirching my web site with this distasteful imbroglio, I will summarize the gist of the conflict below:

As an executive in PROBUS PICKERING, I had my position revoked by past president chuck simmons as angry vindication for my trying to correct erroneous information about the TECH CLUB of which I was convenor; as I tried to defend myself in the only avenue I had, my web site,

2. MEMBERSHIP revoked
I was accused of mudslinging and had my PROBUS PICKERING membership revoked by president M. Hancock. She even alleges that I caused the disruption of the OCT general meeting where an executive committee member called the POLICE to quell the “riot” and to take me away.

Police were called by an EXECUTIVE…that says enough right there !

The bullying clique cannot do much more to me now, though I expect they will try. I challenge them to publicly explain what I have done that was so wrong it deserved such malicious and vindictive action.

Enter this section of my web site with discretion and care. The club has no CODE OF CONDUCT in its national constitution. Hence, if you cross swords with this autocratic, cliquish group of executives, be prepared to engage in a battle. If they cannot control you, they will oust you. My battle is with the bullying clique of executives, not with the general membership. For the most part, the general membership are good people who joined PROBUS with the goal of socialization, not office politicking which they docked years ago. It is unfortunate that only two or three stood up for me at the last meeting I attended and managed to convince past president green to let me speak. Thankfully past pres. simmons was on another trip tickets for which were arranged by current president hancock. No one seems to mind this obvious conflict of interest but yet, as time passes, more and more people are getting on the bandwagon of labelling me as being rude and that they have no respect for me. My goal has never been to win a popularity contest. It has always been to work for the benefit and development of the club in general. Now, because of what was done by this group of bullying executives, my goal is to lay out the truth. I am justified in the position I hold; they are not with theirs. They do not have a leg to stand on.

I want to restore my name and reputation. I am not mudslinging as they claim. I am defending my name in the only outlet they cannot control. As importantly, I speak the truth in everything I say about these matters. It is unfortunate that as time passes, like gossip, my name is being besmirched more and more. However, I will stand strong and tall knowing full well that I did nothing wrong and I will defend my name in this area of my web site until:

1. I receive a written apology for the wrongs which have been done, for the lies being claimed and for the misleading information used against my name and reputation.;
2. I do not want restitution any of my former positions, as executive Activities Coordinator, nor as a member in PROBUS PICKERING.

This executive lacks the courage, professionalism or integrity to do what is right. They lack the moral fibre to do what is fair and just. They do not work from a position of compromise and mediation but from one of anger and vindication. Throwing me out of the club without just cause, without public hearing, without my having an opportunity to hear the complainants against me is totally unethical and unprofessional. 

Finally, if you are a member of this club, walk a mile in my shoes before you start casting stones at me. If you are considering joining this club, do so cautiously, with serious second thought and a lot of consideration. The club has a many good members but a poor executive, one which is tainted by an attitude of malevolence and vengeance. It is a clique of unprofessional, self-centred bullies who fear public examination of what they have done. I defend myself against them and will criticize them until they meet my demand for a written apology or I just conclude that there is no value in pursuing this further. At this moment, I am energized, I am upset and I am frustrated with the injustice, deceit and disservice I have suffered at the hands of this clique of bullies.

Richard Szpin

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