ERMA's desk...: A tribute to all mothers

My mom is no longer with us but her memory, her love and her spirit are all still with us. I often think of my mom and miss her dearly. Mother’s Day will be a day of reminiscing and remembering her with much love.

A tribute to Mothers

When I reflect on my childhood memories of my mother’s greatest attribute, her smile surpasses every other aspect of her personality. Her smile speaks gently to me and lets me know I was dearly loved. Her loving smile was infectious, and as a child, I could not explain it, but I know I always craved it. Her smile brought peace to other kids, so they would visit often and they would always stay for treats.

Her smile was like the morning sun, which made my world so beautiful.

Her smile gave me approval. It was a necessary assurance for my childhood fears. It was medicine for my cold and offered comfort to meet my needs. I knew when she was displeased with me because her smile was covered like the fading sun.

When I climbed upon my mother’s lap her arms was my nestling place.

Her body repositioned to cradle me, her smile usually create a comfort zone, and there I would go to sleep.

How good it is to reflect on the attributes of a mother who made it possible for her child to live with hope. Today, as I embark upon past memories I can truly say a mother’s love can shield you from many storms which come to all who are the inhabitants of our imperfect world.

That is why this Mother’s Day, in the winter of my mother’s life, as she looks up to me and I gaze down at her, I become most fond of her. I found my identity in my dear mother because I am reminded that she was my first place, my play place and my birth place. How will I say thank you when she is no more in time?

As the sun sets in the evening sky, it reminds me that I have less time to speak to her of the love she gave to many. Her wisdom gives rest to those who listened and understood her sentiment. No great exchange of thoughts will be expressed this Mother’s Day because I am already living in those earlier/great moments we shared as mother and child. I am convinced that a mother treasures what is real and her smile was my treasure and a protective shield.

So today, even though its Mother’s Day and everything I do should be about her, I already know my day will not be complete without my Mother’s smile. I refuse to call my mother this Mother’s Day because I would rather visit her to fill that need of a Mother’s smile directed toward me.

To all the sons and daughters out there, take a moment to reflect on what you love/loved most about your mother. The tears may flow and that’s okay.

Your precious mother deserves more tears than you could release on one Mother’s Day!

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