A very important tier to Richard’s “FOOD FIGHT” epiphany is to become more active. To help get started the first step is to asses one’s personal activity over a period.

ACTIVITY LOG was created by our RN Agnes as an aid to help record activity over a period of time. Agnes cautions seniors beginning any new exercise program should consult their DOCTOR before start it. 

How to use the ACTIVITY LOG

The PDF format file available here at the end of the article represents a FOUR WEEK period of time.

Each day is divided into four parts: morning, afternoon, evening and night. The user needs to log the primary activity that was done during each block of time, identify it and its duration. After a suitable period of time, the user can assess their activity and where modifications can be considered.

Simple, straightforward recording of activity to assess one’s activities over a period of time.

Print the image of the log from the link list below:


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