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A comment made by a PROBUS PICKERING CLUB new member who has decided to join the WHITBY PROBUS CLUB instead:

“I was a member of the Pickering Seniors club for a short while but, quickly tired of the executive committee. They were very inclined to cliques and I have no patience for snobbery of any kind. I also donated books to their library which never appeared. I was later told they gave them away. I would have preferred to have them back but was not made the offer. They were written by Joel Rosenberg but apparently not approved by the committee.”

[name withheld by request]


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probus member
probus member

Probus does not have a library or book exchange??? Sounds like this was about the South Pickering Seniors Club- is your information correct?


Wow… You think ANOTHER “misled” PROBUS club to avoid ??